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Photo by Zhanna Nova


"Here's another name to remember: Fawn Segerson. Imagine the soul of Leonard Cohen reincarnated in the body of Marilyn Monroe with the voice of Fiona Apple."  -Bruce Fretts, The New York Times 

"Fawn looks like a pin-up girl from WWII but her original songs balance new pop with a dash of old-timey jazz."  -Charley Crespo, Aquarian Weekly 

"She is a singer/songwriter from New York. Julliard School of Music educated, her smokey, yet sweet look and music is the perfect fit for The Foundation Room. Her throwback acoustic performance will melt you right into your seat.! Get a sneak peak at her songs at"

The House of Blues - New Orleans


"This music is so delicious I can't put it down! If you have not heard this uniquely talented young lady you are missing out on what I consider to be an amazing stylist, singer, songwriter and musician!" - Popa Chubby



"The great discintion on the disc is her enchanting voice..." - Lizandra Pronin

Terrotorio Da Musica Magazine - Brazil


"Her soul escapes through the subtle inflections in her singing.  Each note uniquely crafted to make you feel along with her.  It's a wonderful roller coaster." - Nik Kolidas, Founder and CEO of Metropolitan Magazine


"Her soothing voice will captivate...." - Mara Certic

Montauk Music Festival Review


"She is as calm as a bomb" - Christian Neochaos

Falling Down on the Random Blog







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