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Santa's a Dick



The clock struck midnight and I couldn't sleep,

It's dark enough but I'm not at peace,

Ahhh, yes indeed,

Ahhh, it's Christmas Eve.



I waited all night snuck to the stairs,

Listened for you, but you weren't there,

Ahhh, I'm still here,

Christmas ain't Christmas until you appear.



I've been a good girl, I brushed every night,

Smiled at strangers and passed on the right,

But here I am and you're not in sight,

I'm waiting, I'm waiting up for you tonight.



Ahhhh, Santa please come home...



I woke up this morning so over it,

Walked to my stocking, there's nothing but shit,

And ahhh, I guess that's it,

Christmas was Christmas and Santa's a Dick,

Santa's a Dick, Dick, Dick, Santa's a Dick,

So merry Christmas.



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